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Welcome to the Nomad Cigar Company brand page at Cigars N Cigars. Here, you'll find a selection of Nomad's finest cigars, renowned for their innovative blends and exceptional craftsmanship. Dive into our collection and experience the adventurous spirit and rich flavors that Nomad Cigar Company brings to every smoke.

Nomad Belicoso Connecticut Cigar For Sale Box Front

Nomad Belicoso Connecticut

Nomad C276 Cigar For Sale Box Front

Nomad C276

$94.50 - $99.75
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Nomad Corona Connecticut

Image coming soon

Nomad Fin De Los Mundos Corona Gordo

Image coming soon

Nomad Fugitive II

Nomad GB-19 Toro Cigar For Sale

Nomad GB-19 Toro

Image coming soon

Nomad Lot 8613

$89.00 - $94.00
Nomad Martial Law Toro Cigar For Sale

Nomad Martial Law Toro

Image coming soon

Nomad Robusto Connecticut

Image coming soon

Nomad Robusto Gordo Connecticut

Nomad S-307 Corona Cigar For Sale Front

Nomad S-307 Corona

Nomad S-307 Toro Grande Cigar For Sale Box Front

Nomad S-307 Toro Grande

Nomad S-307 Torpedo Box Pressed Cigar For Sale

Nomad S-307 Torpedo Box Pressed

Nomad SA-17 Cigar For Sale

Nomad SA-17

$84.25 - $102.38
Image coming soon

Nomad Signature Series

$110.00 - $120.00
Image coming soon

Nomad Therapy Habano

$74.90 - $79.90
Image coming soon

Nomad Toro Connecticut


Embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of Nomad Cigar Company, a brand that stands for innovation, exploration, and the spirit of adventure in premium cigar crafting. Nomad Cigar Company has quickly carved out a niche in the tobacco world with its unique blends that appeal to both the novice and the aficionado alike.

Founded by Fred Rewey, a true nomad who traveled extensively to deepen his understanding of tobacco cultivation and cigar manufacturing, Nomad Cigar Company blends tradition with modern sophistication. Utilizing tobaccos from several countries, including the esteemed regions of Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, each Nomad cigar promises a distinctive smoking experience that captivates and delights.

Known for their complex flavor profiles and impeccable construction, Nomad cigars are crafted with precision and care. Each cigar is a celebration of the journey—the journey of the tobacco from seed to smoke, and the personal journey of every smoker who seeks to discover exceptional cigars.

The Innovative Spirit of Nomad Cigar Company

The Nomad philosophy is about more than just cigars—it's about the pursuit of discovery. This ethos is reflected in their diverse cigar lines, each designed to offer a unique taste and an unrivaled smoking journey. From robust, full-bodied cigars to milder, creamy blends, Nomad provides a range of experiences designed to satisfy any palate.

With a relentless commitment to quality and creativity, Nomad Cigar Company continues to push the boundaries of the cigar industry, introducing new blends and redefining what it means to enjoy a premium cigar.

Signature Blends from Nomad Cigar Company

Among Nomad’s most celebrated offerings are the Estelí Lot 8613, which boasts a rich, complex profile with notes of leather and spice, and the Dominican Classic, known for its smoother, nuanced flavors of coffee and cocoa. Each blend tells a story, inviting smokers to explore the depths of flavor that only Nomad can offer.

Nomad Martial Law Toro

  • Size: 6 x 50 (Toro)
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos from three distinct regions
  • Profile: Full-bodied with a complex flavor profile
  • Notes: Hints of spice, leather, and dark chocolate, with a robust earthy finish
  • Production: Small batch, ensuring high quality and attention to detail
  • Intended for: Experienced smokers looking for a powerful and engaging smoke

The Nomad Martial Law Toro Cigar stands as a testament to the bold and adventurous spirit of Nomad Cigar Company. This full-bodied cigar features a rich blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos from three distinct regions, wrapped in a premium Nicaraguan Habano leaf. With its complex flavor profile delivering notes of spice, leather, and dark chocolate, the Martial Law Toro offers a robust and deeply satisfying smoking experience for seasoned aficionados.

Experience the innovation and quality of Nomad Cigar Company at Cigars N Cigars. Whether you are looking to deepen your appreciation for fine tobaccos or searching for your next favorite cigar, Nomad is sure to impress with its outstanding craftsmanship and adventurous blends.

The History of Nomad Cigar Company

The Nomad Cigar Company was founded on the principles of exploration and adventure. Established by Fred Rewey in 2012, Nomad Cigar Company began as a passion project fueled by Rewey's desire to dive deep into the intricacies of tobacco cultivation and cigar manufacturing. His quest led him across the globe, primarily to the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, where he immersed himself in the rich tobacco traditions of these regions.

From the outset, Rewey's approach was hands-on. He worked closely with local growers and experienced cigar makers, learning the ropes and understanding the subtle nuances that contribute to crafting a premium cigar. His commitment to blending the best characteristics of tobaccos from different regions quickly set Nomad apart from other boutique brands. The company's early releases, which focused on complexity and balance, received acclaim for their innovative profiles and impeccable quality.

As Nomad Cigar Company grew, it maintained its boutique ethos while expanding its offerings. The brand became known for producing small batch cigars, with each line telling a unique story of discovery. In 2013, Nomad expanded into Nicaragua with a new line of cigars that featured bold, full-bodied profiles, distinct from the smoother Dominican blends. This expansion not only diversified Nomad's portfolio but also solidified its reputation as a dynamic and adventurous brand in the cigar industry.

Today, Nomad Cigar Company continues to thrive under the guidance of its founder, who remains actively involved in every step of the production process. The company's success is rooted in its foundational commitment to quality, innovation, and the nomadic spirit of its founder. Nomad Cigars are now cherished by aficionados worldwide, who appreciate the brand's dedication to crafting exceptional smoking experiences that push the boundaries of traditional cigar making.

Join the Nomad Journey

At Cigars N Cigars, we are proud to feature Nomad Cigar Company as a brand that resonates with those who appreciate the artistry of cigar making and the joy of discovery. Each cigar from Nomad is a masterpiece, ready to provide a memorable smoking experience.

Browse our selection and find the perfect Nomad cigar that speaks to your spirit of adventure. Discover blends that challenge the conventional, crafted for those who wander but are not lost.

Frequently Asked Questions for Nomad Cigar Company

1. What makes Nomad Cigar Company unique?

Nomad Cigar Company stands out due to its founder, Fred Rewey's, approach to blending cigars. Rewey's extensive travels and deep research into tobacco cultivation have led to the creation of innovative and distinctive blends that incorporate tobaccos from multiple regions, including Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Each cigar is crafted to reflect a spirit of adventure and exploration.

2. Where are Nomad cigars made?

Nomad cigars are primarily produced in two countries known for their rich cigar-making heritage: Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. These locations are chosen for their exceptional tobacco quality and their distinct flavor profiles, which are essential to the unique character of Nomad cigars.

3. What types of cigars does Nomad offer?

Nomad Cigar Company offers a wide range of cigars that vary in strength and flavor profiles. From the full-bodied, spice-rich Estelí Lot 8613 to the smoother and more nuanced Dominican Classic, Nomad strives to cater to a variety of palates. They provide everything from robust, intense smokes to lighter, creamier options.

4. How should I store my Nomad cigars to maintain their quality?

To preserve the optimal condition of your Nomad cigars, store them in a humidor with a stable humidity level of 68-72%. This ensures the cigars remain fresh, maintain their flavor, and are protected from drying out or becoming too moist.

5. Are Nomad cigars suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Nomad Cigar Company offers several blends that are perfect for those new to cigar smoking. Their range includes milder cigars that are ideal for beginners who are just starting to explore their palate. Experienced staff at Cigars N Cigars can also help beginners select a cigar that will provide a pleasant introduction to the hobby.

6. Can I purchase Nomad cigars for a special event?

Yes, Nomad cigars make an excellent choice for special occasions such as weddings, corporate events, or celebrations. Their premium quality and exquisite packaging add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any event. Bulk purchases may also be available for such occasions at Cigars N Cigars.

7. How can I learn more about the different blends offered by Nomad Cigar Company?

You can learn more about our diverse range of Nomad cigars by visiting the Cigars N Cigars website, where detailed descriptions and reviews are available. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff are always available to provide information and recommendations based on your taste preferences and smoking experience.