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Pura Soul Barber Pole

Pura Soul

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A Visual and Flavorful Treat: Pura Soul Barber Pole Cigar

Embark on a captivating journey for both the eyes and the palate with the Pura Soul Barber Pole cigar. This medium-bodied smoke features a unique blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan longfillers, expertly cloaked in a stunning barber pole wrapper crafted from Connecticut Shade and Dominican Habano leaves. The Pura Soul Barber Pole offers a visually striking and flavorful experience, perfect for the curious connoisseur.

Aromatic Allusion:

The Pura Soul Barber Pole entices with its complex aroma. Gentle notes of cedar and hay from the Connecticut Shade mingle with hints of spice and earth from the Dominican Habano, creating a pre-smoke experience that sparks anticipation.

A Dual Flavor Adventure:

Light the Barber Pole and prepare for a taste bud adventure that unfolds with each puff. The smoke transitions subtly as you smoke, showcasing the distinct characteristics of each wrapper leaf. The Connecticut Shade offers smooth notes of toasted almond and cedar, while the Dominican Habano delivers a touch of spice and earth. Hints of cocoa and leather emerge throughout the smoke, adding depth and intrigue. As the cigar progresses, the flavors interweave, creating a truly unique and satisfying experience.

A Cigar for the Discerning Smoker:

The Pura Soul Barber Pole is the ideal cigar for experienced smokers seeking a visually appealing and flavorful smoke that pushes the boundaries of the ordinary. The barber pole wrapper offers a dynamic taste profile, while the medium-bodied strength provides a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Light up your curiosity with the Pura Soul Barber Pole cigar.

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